Dedicated to intercity passenger rail expansion between Fort Worth and Kansas City through Oklahoma City and Wichita. We need a connected America!

Kansas Senate Resolution 1716  passed on March 31, 2021

Kansas House Resolution 6017  passed on May 5, 2021

Oklahoma House Resolution 1003  passed on April 21, 2021

Oklahoma Senate Resolution 1003  passed on April 21, 2021

Stakeholder Letters of Support for the Bi-State Application to the FRA Corridor ID Program

   Garden City, Kansas on January 30, 2023

   Guthrie, Oklahoma on February 10, 2023

   North Central Texas Council of Governments on March 9, 2023

   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on February 27, 2023

   Perry, Oklahoma on February 6, 2023

   Ponca City, Oklahoma on February 13, 2023

   Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce on February 24, 2023


Letters sent to the Federal Railroad Administration to support Corridor Designation

   Dodge City, Kansas Letter of Support on October 17, 2022

   Eight Oklahoma Chambers of Commerce on April 7, 2022

   Fort Worth, Texas on June 16, 2022

   KS OK TX Corridor Request to FRA September 8, 2022

   Mid-America Regional Council December 7, 2022

   Norman, Oklahoma on July 14, 2022

   Northern Flyer Alliance on May 19, 2022

   Oklahoma City on June 3, 2022

   Oklahoma Senate on May 25, 2022

   Regional Economic Area Partnership (REAP) on May 18, 2022

   Shawnee, Kansas on June 15, 2022

   TXDOT on October 5, 2022

   Wichita, Kansas on June 13, 2022

Resolutions of support passed to support the Amtrak ConnectsUS 2035


   Arkansas City, KS on July 6, 2021

   Davis, OK on July 15, 2021

   Dodge City, KS on October 4, 2021

   Edmond, OK on June 14, 2021

   Garden City, KS on July 6, 2021

   Guthrie, OK on June 1, 2021

   Harvey County, KS on August 2, 2021

   Hutchinson, KS on June 15, 2021

   Kansas City, MO on November 29, 2021

   Kay County, OK on August 2, 2021

   Krum, TX on July 6, 2021

   Lawrence, KS on June 1, 2021

   Newton, KS on July 13, 2021

   Norman, OK on May 10, 2022

   North Central Texas Council of Governments on September 24, 2021

   Oklahoma City, OK on April 12, 2022

   Perry, OK on June 7, 2021

   Ponca City, OK on June 14, 2021

   Sedgwick County, KS on August 18, 2021

   Shawnee, KS on June 14, 2021

   South Central Oklahoma Regional Planning Org on August 4, 2021

   Topeka, KS on June 14, 2021

   Wichita, KS on August 10, 2021

Older Resolutions

Oklahoma CIty, Wichita and Kansas City, Missouri - 3 Mayor Letter - 2013

  Three Mayors, One Voice on Passenger Rail 10 May 2013

Arkansas City, KS 2008

Arkansas City, KS on July 21, 2020

Arkansas City Area Chamber of Commerce (Arkansas City, KS)

Bel Aire, KS

Bonner Springs, KS

Cassoday, KS

Chase County, KS  Chamber of Commerce

Cottonwood Falls, KS

Cowley County, KS

Denton County, Cities of Denton and Krum, TX

Edmond, OK (CITY)

Edmond, OK (Chamber of Commerce)

Edmond, OK (Convention and Visitors Bureau)

El Dorado, KS

Emporia, KS

Garden City, KS

Guthrie, OK

Halstead, KS

Haysville, KS

Hesston, KS

Krum, TX 2009

Lawrence, KS

Lyons County, KS

Mulvane, KS

Newton, KS

Norman, OK

Oklahoma City

Oxford, KS

Peabody, KS

Perry, OK

Pauls Valley, OK

Park City, KS

Ponca City, OK (Main Street)

Rose Hill, KS

Sedgwick, KS (City)

Shawnee County, KS

Strong City, KS

Topeka, KS

Udall, KS

Valley Center, KS

Wellington, KS

Wichita, KS (Wichita Downtown Development)

Wichita, KS (Old Town Association)