Dedicated to intercity passenger rail expansion between Fort Worth and Kansas City through Oklahoma City and Wichita. We need a connected America!


Amtrak Interest Map 2022
Ardmore Heartland Flyer
Ardmore Heartland Flyer
OKC Amtrak
Wichita Train Station
Big Game Train #189
Waiting to get on the train to the
Big Game
Fans going to the OU - UT Game
Heartland Flyer in the Arbuckles
Mayor Holt opens the OKC Streetcar
Oklahoma City Streetcar Green
Oklahoma City Streetcar Red
Oklahoma City Streetcar Blue
Perry, Oklahoma Inspection Train 2017
Perry, Oklahoma Inspection Train 2017
Noel Black and Pete Meitzner
Perry, Oklahoma Inspection Train 2017
Kirkwood Missouri
Amtrak Hermann, Missouri
Kansas City
Heartland Flyer - Oklahoma City
Kansas City Symposium
Amtrak Connect US Plan
Kansas City Symposium 2012
The TexRail takes you to
the DFW Airport
Ride Free on the KC Streetcar
Union Station - Denver
Denver Union Station
Ardmore Station Plans
Amtrak Southwest Chief
Chicago to Los Angeles
Amtrak Empire Builder
Chicago to San Antonio
Ski Amtrak
Amtrak Vacations
Amtrak Colors Over the Years
Take Amtrak
Amtrak Charger with Phase-VII-309
Operation Life Saver
FRA 2009 High Speed Map