Dedicated to intercity passenger rail expansion between Fort Worth and Kansas City through Oklahoma City and Wichita. We need a connected America!

Economic Development

According to a KU Benefit Study, we would see an economic return of better than 3:1.

The Texas Transportation Institute (Texas A&M) reports that the current Heartland Flyer passenger train produces $18,000,000 in benefits and it costs $4 million per year to keep it running.

Texas Transportation Institute: Heartland Flyer Benefit Study

Business and agribusiness productivity gains. By increasing track speed to

80mph from 60, farmers and ranchers get their goods to market faster and

more efficiently.

Plus, when a business traveler is traveling by train they can remain

productive the entire time, working on their laptops and cell phones.

Reduce travel expenses. Westar Energy spends $1M/year on employee highway

travel from Wichita to Topeka and Kansas City.

Per employee basis (cost by car: $200, cost by train: $50)

Revitalizing Economies: Cheap, convenient forms of transportation improve

economic fortunes. When people can afford to come to your community they

bring their pocket books.  If it cheaper to get here, there’s $ left over to

spend in your community.