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April 2010 A Red Letter Day for Kansas and the region!

In looking back on our long history of advocating for passenger rail expansion, we thought it was a big day for expanding the Heartland Flyer north to Newton, Kansas.  Little did we know that one day the removal of restrictions on KDOT to support trains would help save the Southwest Chief.

Written by Deborah Fischer Stout

The Northern Flyer Alliance, Inc. is an advocate for the reintroduction of passenger rail service from Kansas City, Missouri through Wichita, Kansas to Fort Worth, Texas. NFA is a coalition of 49 cities, six counties, and 19 Chambers of Commerce along the I-35 corridor that have joined together to promote passenger rail service in their communities.

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Help us to get the Heartland Flyer extended from Oklahoma City north to Wichita and Newton, Kansas.  This would allow the connection of the train to the Southwest Chief that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Pleaase copy the letter and send it to Governor Kelly of Kansas.

The letter can be found here.

Thanks to Senator Carolyn McGinn of Kansas and Representative Ken Luttrell of Oklahoma we have two new 2021 resolutions of support for the extension of the Heartland Flyer passenger train north to connect with the Southwest Chief train in Newton, Kansas. Both of these resolutions were passed without a single negative vote. Please thank your elected officials for this positive vote.

The Kansas Senate Resolution 1716 can be found here.

The Oklahoma House Resolution 1003 can be found here.

The Oklahoma Senate passed HCR 1003 on April 26, 2021.  

The Kansas House Resolution 6017 can be found here.

We also need to thank Representative Gail Finney and Representative Brad Ralph of Kansas for their efforts in passing the Kansas House Resolution 6017. Senator Bill Coleman was instrumental in the passing of HCR 1003 in the Oklahoma Senate.  

Rep. Gail Finney

Rep. Brad Ralph

Sen. Bill Coleman