Dedicated to intercity passenger rail expansion between Fort Worth and Kansas City through Oklahoma City and Wichita. We need a connected America!


Are You Tired of This Sluggish Economy?

We are too! The Northern Flyer Alliance of communities knows as you do that Passenger Rail reinstatement means economic development and jobs – thousands of jobs.

Passenger Rail is currently under attack in several Midwest States like Wisconsin and Ohio where newly elected Governers have declared war on Passenger Rail in their states. More than ever we need your help to keep Passenger Rail moving forward in this difficult political climate.  Therefore, we are calling on our internet friends of the Northern Flyer Alliance to help us raise $10,000 as soon as possible.

Please consider making any contribution that you can as soon as possible. We could meet our goal if 100 Northern Flyer Alliance supporters gave $100 each or 200 gave $50 each. If we meet our financial goal, the Board of the Northern Flyer Alliance can commit to continuing to work with you to make this dream a reality.

On the heels of the spectacular success we had in the Kansas Legislature last year, the work is continuing. A new Passenger Rail Caucus is taking shape in Kansas that will deliver an important message to Governor-Elect Brownback that Kansans want passenger rail. We are also working with OSU, KU and Texas A&M to begin a large transportation study that will show real economic development numbers, much like the recently released Texas Transportation Institute’s Heartland Flyer Study which showed a 4.5 to 1 economic impact to the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

This is expensive work and the NFA needs your help to make daytime passenger rail service from Kansas City to Dallas/Ft. Worth a reality. It can happen if we continue to receive strong public support. Please know that 100% of your donation will be directly used to further this initiative.

Thank you for considering our urgent request!

Best Regards,