Dedicated to intercity passenger rail expansion between Fort Worth and Kansas City through Oklahoma City and Wichita. We need a connected America!

BRAIN Train Act Introduced by Senator Markley

Saturday, May 30, 2020 9:23 AM

Senator Edward Markey

The BRAIN TRAIN Act will specifically:

  • Authorize the Department of Transportation (DOT) to implement a competitive grant program and award up to $5 billion annually to fund high-performance rail projects.
  • Instruct the DOT to evaluate applications for funding based on criteria such as:
    • The levels of estimated ridership, increased on-time performance, reduced trip time, or additional rail service frequency;
    • The anticipated provision of passenger rail service in regions that are historically and persistently unconnected or under-connected; and
    • The anticipated favorable impact on air or traffic congestion and safety.
    • Direct the DOT to give greater preference to high-performance rail projects that will:
      • Encourage direct connections between multiple modes of transportation, including train and transit stations, bus terminals, subway stations, ferry ports, and more;
      • Improve conventional intercity passenger, freight, or commuter rail operations;
      • Provide environmental benefits, including the use of environmentally sensitive, fuel-efficient, or electrified passenger rail equipment;
      • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
      • Improve air quality and public health;
      • Provide positive economic and employment impacts, including development in the areas near passenger stations, historic districts, or other opportunity zones; and
      • Provide enhanced transportation options for persons with disabilities.