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Tell ODOT to Spend $2.8 Million Fine to expand the Heartland Flyer to Kansas

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 1:57 PM

Tell ODOT to Spend the $2.8 Million on the Hearland Flyer Expansion

The Stillwater Central Railroad, which is a Watco company, was committed to pilot a passenger rail service between Oklahoma City and Tulsa as part of the agreement to buy the Sooner Sub track that runs from Midwest City to Supalpa. Under terms of that agreement they had five years to extablish a six-month passenger rail service. The minimum requirement was one train, five days a week.

Since Stillwater Central Railroad (Watco) has failed to start the passenger rail service, they have been fined $2,800,000. It was brought to our attention by one of our members, Roger Carter of Chickasha, that this money should be for train projects and in particular the expansion of the Heartland Flyer passenger train from Oklahoma City to Newton, Kansas. Don’t let this money be diverted to other projects.

Please contact you Oklahoma elected officials and urge them to ask ODOT to spent the money to expand the Heartland Flyer

Information credit to Matt Trotter of public radio KWGS 89.5 in Tulsa.